We are pleased to assist you with the following services.

Information Center

Our information center is located at ground floor near the main entrance.

Our friendly and skillful customer service team is happy to assist you with lost & founds, shop directions & any other enquiries.

Shop Direction

If you find it difficult to find ways, our information center will help you navigate the correct location or we have shopping directory boards available at escalators & lifts.

Lost & Found

You can get immediate assistance by our information center if you have misplaced items during your visit, or directly call to +959 951085835 in case of lost, missing or misplacing.


In order to keep customers happy and readily able to withdraw cash, The Capital has following available ATMS; MCB,AYA, KBZ, CB, UAB, AGD.

Car Parking

Available lots : 200 Car Parkings
Time : 9:00 am – 10:00 pm (Monday – Friday)